Firefox OS Demoed On A ZTE Phone

By | September 11, 2012

Well, here is something for those who are excited about the upcoming mobile operating system from the Mozilla itself.

Recently, the open source organization has revealed a video, which demonstrates some of the FOS features ranging from Firefox web browser to camera.

Since the OS is still in development, don’t expect to see a buttery smooth user experience, at least for now.

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  1. Welcome Mozilla says:

    I don’t see a need for this OS now. Looks like fork of android. It is going to be very hard for this OS to be successful.
    This won’t be exciting as this is just a copy of android. If there is no interface change or differentiation then there is no need for this OS. Please don’t waster money & time.
    Anyhow, Welcome Mozilla best of luck & hard work.

    • gaby2300 says:

      I totally disagree!!!
      The first Firefox OS phones will be first launched in Brazil in low cost phones because this OS doesn’t require high end hardware, so lot’s of people will be able to buy their first mobile phone!!! So it’s not a waste of money or time at all. In fact, quite the opposite!!!

      • asd says:

        also really ease to make apps everything is html5 based, also did you see that open app management system at the end? That’s gonna be fucking awesome! And also, it is jut in a really early stage

      • Question ? says:

        if they want a first phone or less price phone. Nokia, Samsung has lot of those they could buy those. These OS requires touch screen – touch screen phones are for luxury purpose. Wonder how this will be low cost when Android is also free and can be customized for low end hardware.

      • Yet another says:

        There are already low cost android phones are there, I don’t know how this make phone in Brazil low cost. Touch screen phone is always luxury, Nokia already had low cost symbian phone for those people. Android is also free.