Download Firefox 18 Alpha

By | September 12, 2012

Download Firefox 18 AlphaFeatures IonMonkey.

If you thought that the JavaScript engines couldn’t possible become any faster, you were wrong. According to the recent blog post. Mozilla has just released the alpha version of the Firefox 18 web browser and boy does it look good.

Long story short, IonMonkey is a new JavaScript JIT, which optimizes JavaScript before it’s converted to the machine code.

The result? A significant improvement in the performance.

Download Firefox 18 Alpha

Download Firefox 18 Alpha

As seen in the charts above, it completes the Kraken benchmark up to 26% faster than the Firefox 17 while improvements in the Google’s V8 test suite range from 7% (when compared to FF17) to 20%.

Impressive? Head over to the source for all the technical details.

Firefox 18 Alpha

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  1. Guest says:

    Does this beat Chrome ?

    • Przemysław Lib says:

      But it is fast enough to be faster than Chrome in some use cases.

      And as source note. This is also about infrastructure for further compiler research (which will be simpler).

  2. bricky149 says:

    The project I’m doing with someone else has glitching issues with IM since it’s slower than the previous JIT, JaegerMonkey, in our case. Hopefully they can improve it in the Nightlies since we’re currently testing in that as well as Chromium.

    (In college so I can’t sign in)

  3. Senina chung says:

    Like the release channel more,I will wait to use the final version.I’m still use firefox 15.Glad to see these good changes, but I’ll be happier if firefox can solve the Memory leak problem completely.That’s the main reason why I don’t use firefox as default,
    even in Avant browser firefox is not my default engine although I like it better.