Firefox Multi Process Feature On Hold

By | December 6, 2011 | 23 Comments

Firefox Multi Process Feature On HoldElectrolysis, a codename for the upcoming Firefox feature that is set to separate user processes from the content process has been put on hold, according to Mozilla’s Lawrence Mandel.

While there is no mentioning of a specific timeline or any future date, according to Lawrence, multi process implementation requires a lot of time and resource investments, which is not exactly what Mozilla wants at this moment.

Instead of focusing on time consuming tasks, Firefox team will work on smaller initiatives that will be delivered in a shorter timeframe and should improve overall Firefox responsiveness.

What can you expect from the future Firefox releases? Here are some of the improvements: out of process plugins, places optimizations and incremental garbage collection.

[Thanks, Blake]

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  • Tiago Sá

    Didn’t I freaking told them faster release cycles were a problem because it didn’t allow for as much development and it’d take longer for us to see releases?

    Freaking dumbtrucks.

  • Armin

    This is the feature I have been wanting most for Firefox. :(

  • Saex Conroy

    the mozilla team are fucking idiots, i wonder for how much longer will i use their browser?

    • Tiago Sá

      Well, there’s no real alternative, is there?

      • Saex Conroy

        like hell there aint no alternative

        • Anonymous

          To a buggy slow leaky browser?

          I agree.


          • Saex Conroy


          • Anonymous

            Biased person

            And to think I defended you.

            Learn to appreciate other software.

            Learn to recognize that fanboyism gets you nowhere.

            Learn to be a person.

          • Saex Conroy

            im not a fanboy i use whats serving me best

          • Shane Bundy

            You are right to be a bit pissed, but isn’t that a bit trollish?

          • Anonymous

            Do me a favour. Define troll

          • Ian

            This is getting awfully small!

          • Ian

            Troll means a person who  spends all day on the internet wishing to create flaming in posts
            or fourms

          • Anonymous

            Thank you Shane bundy

      • Shane Bundy

        There’s always Opera, or maybe even Maxthon. ;)

        • Saex Conroy

          dont wanna sound like a jerk but ure advertising looks really pathetic to me. i know its a friendly suggestion and all, but still, and, yo, no hard feelings, dude

          • Shane Bundy

            Advertising? lol

            If I sound like a telemarketer then God help me. I hate those trying to make something crap sound great.

  • Shane Bundy

    Aren’t those “improvements” already available in Firefox?

    • Sarjoor

      Places optimizations and Incremental GC are NOT already available in FF 8.

      • Shane Bundy

        Thanks for clearing that up for me. Just being a Nightly user. :P

  • Asknobody

    Nope. FF is on hold. 

  • Ben

    Yes!  Now Firefox won’t be as much of a memory hog as Chrome is now.  Think about it:  Each tab/extension/plugin is a process=insane amount of memory used up. 

    • Shane Bundy

      Chrome is okay, but it’s not even worth knowing what’s new in each version mainly because there really isn’t any. Even worse is the fact that a tab flashes if it hasn’t been opened in ages.

      Google annoy me. :P