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By | October 12, 2008 | 7 Comments

Here you go, first Firefox Mobile (Fennec) screenshots for Windows Mobile. This is how it will probably look like after the alpha release.

Acid3 88/100, sweet.



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  1. Alex says:

    Looks hawt :P

  2. ameo says:

    Looks pretty simple, but as for the acid test, i hope the pc version reach that result
    my best result ever with FF 3 was about 73/100

  3. @ameo because you didn’t use Opera browser :P

  4. Trn says:

    Fx3.1 alpha (and beta?) is already up in 97/100. Though you will probably not get that on Linux as they haven’t figured out a good way to do downloadable fonts there, yet.
    Check Wikipedia for updates if you are interested

    Oh, and here’s the source for those screenshots

    First two:

    Last two:

  5. ameo says:

    @ Skracanie linków : i did tried opera and i like it more than FF but i can’t leave firefox as opera isn’t Firefox :)

    @ Trn : that might be true according to the wiki page, but that can only be achieved by testing in safe mode or without any extensions at all, and as all firefox users .
    FF is useless without the extensions.

    i think mozilla must do something to get that result with all the extensions

  6. Trn says:

    What are you talking about? Where did you read that; have you tried it yourself? Which extension?

    Mozilla has nothing to do with an extension altering or in some other way actively affecting the website. That’s something for the extension author to fix, if there’s anything to fix. Ad-blockers for example are meant to alter the website…

  7. ameo says:

    well, i’ve tried it once with extension 71/100 and in safe mode 85/100 ..
    as for extensions, something like content preference really affected the result for some reason in my last check

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