Firefox is #1 Again (SunSpider JS Benchmark)

By | October 22, 2010

Firefox is #1 Again (SunSpider JS Benchmark)

Mozilla does it again, or so it seems.

According to the web site, Mozilla’s Spidermonkey JavaScript engine has just surpassed Google’s Chrome V8 performance by a small margin, at least in SunSpider benchmark. However, Chrome still takes the lead in V8 Benchmark Suite.

While it brings more drama to the browser wars, we’d still like to see Opera 11 numbers to be included as well.

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  1. kyleabaker says:

    As an avid Opera user, I welcome some performance competition from Mozilla. While I want badly for Opera to be on top, I enjoy the pressure that competition creates so I expect both Chrome and Opera to boost some improvements in developmental builds before too long that will place them above Mozilla. :D

  2. max1c says:

    Do you know why Opera isn’t on that chart ?
    Because I know. Lol.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Yeah, because the tests run on a mac.

      opera fail

    • nvm says:

      The Mozilla guys have always been assholes when it comes to Opera. I still remember when they claimed that Minimo was a huge innovation in mobile browsing, and they listed about 10 things that were already being done by Opera in actual shipments on actual phones.

  3. daddylo says:

    and it will crash before test finish.

  4. Daniel says:

    Uh, okay? Firefox is #1, when Opera isn’t counted? Right. Way to count Vygantas Lipskas.

    “Firefox is #1 webbrowser in ALL the popular tests, crushing IE badly. Of course, faster browsers like Chrome, Opera and Safari are not counted”

  5. Lars Gunther says:

    Opera is not on AWFY because those charts are made from an automated test. Opera’s JS engine, Carakan, is not available outside of the browser and neither is the engine from IE9.

    Also, this means that in-browser JS-speed might differ slightly from this test, since it won’t be fighting with e.g. the browser UI for system resources, but that also makes it more precise in its measurements of pure JS-speed.

    If Opera releases Carakan as a shell, it will be included on AWFY.

  6. Foo says:

    I see a lot of Opera fanatics here that can’t read a simple FAQ. It’s Opera’s own problem that they aren’t listed.

    • max1c says:

      Nice excuses. Do you have an excuses for Mozilla claiming they are number one when they are not ?

      • Hi There! says:

        They didn’t. That was this article’s author’s conclusion which he drew from that graph which clearly indicates exactly what it’s measuring. The issue isn’t Mozilla, it’s Vygantas Lipskas sensationalistic headline. So let’s blame someone for making a JRN 110 level mistake, not a different entity for making a claim they never made, shall we?

    • nvm says:

      Funny to see a Firefox fanatic call other people fanatics. Foo still can’t get over the fact that Chrome is much faster than Firefox.

      • Mark says:

        > still can’t get over the fact that Chrome is much faster than Firefox.

        Chrome is no longer faster than Firefox. That is what this article is all about.

        In javascript performance there are three banchmarks available … Sunspider from Apple, v8bench from Google, and Kraken from Mozilla.

        The latest builds of Firefox’s javascript engine Spidermonkey (i.e. Firefox 4.0b8pre) which include the new Jaegermonkey method, are faster than the latest builds of Apple’s nitro javascript engine on all three benchmarks. Firefox’s engine is faster than the latest builds of Google Chrome’s V8 javascript engine for Sunspider and Kraken benchmarks, but not yet v8bench.

        In proportion, Firefox’s score on Kraken beats Chrome by a wider margin then Chrome’s score on v8bench beats Firefox.

        All factors considered and all benchmarks given equal weight … the latest builds of Firefox have the fastest javascript engine.

        These are the facts. Deal with them.

        • max1c says:

          What ever you say. I agree, but I can also make a pretty safe bet that when Firefox 4 comes out it will NOT have fastest Javascript engine on the market.

          • Mark says:

            > I can also make a pretty safe bet that when Firefox 4 comes out it will NOT have fastest Javascript engine on the market.

            Look at the trends in the graph of this very article, on this very web page.

            The purple plot-line shows the very latest builds over recent weeks of Firefox’s javascript engine. Did you realise that the green plot-line is the very latest builds of Google Chrome’s V8 javascript engine (formerly the fastest), and the red plot-line is the very latest builds of Apple’s nitro javascript engine?

            Do you expect the latter two, which have been more-or-less flat-lined, to suddenly start improving somehow?

            Do you expect the purple line to suddenly stop improving, or even to suddenly go backwards?


            I’ll take that bet.