Firefox Add-Ons Page Receives a Face Lift

By | June 11, 2009

Firefox Addons

In case you haven’t seen it already, Mozilla has updated their web page design which now includes add-ons count in each category, few animations and other tweaks for a faster navigation.

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  1. Foo says:

    I like, it’s much cleaner and it’s easier to get an overview.
    You forgot about add-on collections.


    Firefox crossed 9 digit daily users for 1st time today: 101,229,960 pings. Means 300M+ monthly uniques (via @johnolilly)

  2. nobody says:

    that ‘collection’ thing is GREAT. throwing away that whole ‘social’ cr.. that i dont care about, it is a great way to leverage extensions for mozilla – make few ‘essential’ packs for lazy users (and most of us ARE lazy) like ‘webdev pack’ [firebug, pixelperfect, seotools, and few more] or like ‘extended ff’ with gestures, adblock etc. put links to it on a front page and here you go, lots people more use extensions

    btw, it will be a great way to render useless a comment about ‘hassle of managing extensions between reinstalls’.. updating is already hassle free, there you get a way to maintain a list of extenssions. briliant that is, young padawan