Firefox 3.5 Hits the Streets

By | June 30, 2009

Firefox 3.5
This is it, boys and girls. The wait is finally over and Firefox 3.5 Final has been just released.

What’s new? Quite a lot: besides performance improvements, the following release also brings new features such as: undo closed window, tab tearing, improved session filter and awesome bar, geo location, HTML5 tags support and much more. For a complete list, check the features page.

Download Firefox 3.5

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  1. Foo says:

    I think you mean ‘undo closed window‘ :)

  2. DeclinedDoomed says:

    Boy, 3.5 needs a bugfix. Tabs won’t close correctly, or they won’t close at all. It freezes occasionally, it’s still slow, and it STILL can’t handle YouTube without crashing every 5 minutes.

  3. Supertom says:

    Same old Firefox… always copies features from other browsers..

    Private Browsing = from IE
    Recently Closed Windows = from Opera

    • TTT says:

      How nice, you managed to find all of two minor things to complain about.

      Private browsing has been requested from users for ages. Why shouldn’t they implement it now that it’s a standard feature? (all other major browser have it)

      The trash can was introduced in 2003 or something like that, wasn’t it? Can’t really see how to undo closed windows with it though.
      Anyways, restoring a closed window has been a feature request since at least back in 2000, so hardly something “copied”.