Fake Firefox Update Includes Trojan

By | August 10, 2011

Fake Firefox Update Includes Trojan

According to various reports, some users have recently received a Firefox update notification to their emails with a download link for you to try.

Don’t worry though; it does actually include a Firefox 5.0.1 installer. However, it is bundled with a Trojan horse, which is not exactly what people prefer.

It looks like Firefox related emails are getting more and more popular as just yesterday we have received a message informing us about the “Mozilla Firefox Inc Lotto” winnings.

Fake Firefox Update Includes Trojan

Any takers?

Via: Sophos

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  1. Arthur Ţiţeică says:

    Leaving aside the usual scam emails which have some big companies behind them (also called the competition) it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the famous ribbon interface.

    The biggest item in there is the “Delete” button – sure the first thing that people do when receiving emails ;). Also the “reply and delete” button in the central part is quite amusing – as a heavy email user I never felt the need to make such an action…

  2. Simplesalabim says:

    People *that* dumb deserve no better.

  3. Victor Lee Squire says:

    Again another scam that i won’t see cause of my g-mail’s spam blocker.