Download Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11

By | March 22, 2011 | 10 Comments

As promised, Opera Software has released quite a few new versions of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile web browsers that include an enhanced user interface, session restore support and more.

Opera Mobile 11 is now available for Android, Symbian/S60, Maemo, MeeGo and Windows (not Windows Phone or Windows Mobile) platforms as well as Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mini 4.3 for J2ME devices.

What’s New In Opera Mobile 11?
Modernized new user interface
Faster framerates when panning and zooming
No checkerboard, ever
Text stays sharp during zooming
Improved text-wrap on zoom
Session restore
… and more

What’s New In Opera Mini 6?
Updated user interface
YouTube support
Improved zoom for touch screens
Open Link in Background
… and more

What’s New in Opera Mini 4.3?
Updated user interface
YouTube support
Share URL on social networks


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  • Anonymous

    Also new: LAG

  • Dileep Reddy

    Good and excellent performance…

  • Armin

    I am not big on browsing on mobile phones or mobile phones in general. What’s the deal with having Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mini 4.3?

    • mr.lutze

      Opera Mini 5 & 6 have slightly higher requirements than version 4.x so it might not work on very old devices that are still enough popular to justify updating older version.

      • Armin

        I see. Thanks!

  • Armin

    I am not big on browsing on mobile phones or mobile phones in general. What’s the deal with having Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mini 4.3?

  • Post

    I like that Opera Mobile 11 now supports Flash. I dislike the address bar now being fixed to the page. It used to disappear and then appear if you hit the menu button on the bottom. Now I have to scroll all the way up to the top and then click on the address bar to enter a new URL. It also seems they have altered the click to zoom. The main reason I chose Opera over some of the other mobile browsers is because I could see a zoomed out page and then click the area I wanted to zoom in on. Now it functions like other browsers so that you can pinch to zoom as you always could, but if you click to zoom, more often than not, you end up touching a link in the area you are zooming into, and get navigated out to that page. I will probably switch back to Opera 10.

    • Cousin333

      Try doubleclick

    • Dom

      Like he said, double click to zoom lol

    • Ryan

      You can still push a menu button to get to the navigation bar or at least it works for me.