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By | December 10, 2013

Download Opera 20 DevNo Linux version yet.

When build numbers mean very little these days, here comes the 20th version of Opera web browser and thankfully, it does bring some goodies, at least for the enthusiast market.

So what exactly has changed? First in the list is ability to drag tabs into the bookmarks bar, as well as improved drag and drop between Speed Dial and Bookmarks Bar. As far as other changes, you can expect some theme loading performance improvements and a bug fix that caused blurry scaled stash screenshots.

What about you, the power user? There are two new tools for you: ability to use smaller speed dial thumbnails and ability to set the width and height of said thumbnails. Of course, those are not the only changes, head over to the download link for a full changelog.

Opera 20 Developer

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  1. A. R. says:

    Opera 20 or perhaps 21 seems to amnost there when 12.x users can upgrade.

    Anyhow I don’t have any issues using Opera 12.16. I’m not updating untill it’s feature-rich-enough, especially power user options and features. Like where is Tab stacking?