Download First Multi Process Firefox Build

By | December 11, 2013

Download First Multi Process Firefox BuildBasic and useless.

Despite the fact that main Firefox competitors (Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome) have implemented multi-process strategies long time ago, it looks like Mozilla was unable to figure out a right way to do so, or the priorities were not set right.

Now, according to the recent post by Mozilla’s Bill McCloskey, they have reached a point where users can try the very first Firefox Nightly multi process build. However, it’s so basic right now (one process for browser window and one process for all the tabs (instead of one per tab)) that it’s pretty sad, considering the fact that it’s been 4 years since Mozilla announced Electrolysis project.

So here you have it folks, it’s finally here!

Firefox Nightly

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    The day Firefox goes one process per tab is the day I stop usi….

    Wait a minute, that’s the day Firefox removes customization, and that day as come already, and I have stopped updating. Forever stuck on version 24 now… Until I find something better.

    • Brandon Heat says:

      what are babbling about? all the browsers are pretty much the same – all of them have pros and cons, just pick one and use it

      you make it sound like life changing decision, and the way you wrote your comment, it looks as if you view yourself as some celebrity and people care about what browser you will be using… well, no one cares

      ive had problems with browsers for such a long time, ive tried out almost every actively developed browser out there and it just doesnt matter

  2. mikeycali says:

    Well I tried enabling the multi-process feature in Firefox Nightly and it wouldn’t work. Firefox crashed on almost any URL. Disabling the feature restored Firefox to working status. I guess I’ll stick with Chrome for now, but I’ll keep updating Nightly and see if a future update fixes it. Likewise for all of the crashed with Adobe Flash Player.