Download Opera 17 Developer Preview

By | August 9, 2013 | 15 Comments

Download Opera 17 Developer PreviewNo bookmarks yet.

After the new releases from Google and Mozilla, it looks like Opera too has decided to reveal its first preview build of Opera 17, which actually includes a fair amount of widely requested (and much needed) improvements.

For example, you will now have an option to manage search engines and assign letters for separate search engines (such as “g” for Google). Ability to pin tabs is now also available as well as startup preferences like last session, speed dial, etc.

What else is new? High resolution screens support (Windows only), tons of bug fixes and more. For a complete list of current (and upcoming) features, head over to the following page.

Opera 17 Developer Preview (Windows)
Opera 17 Developer Preview (Mac)

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  • RingMyDingDong

    Opera 15 – 17 is like a browser designed for kids..

    no bookmark, no customizations, no features… simply the worst ever Opera browser we’ve ever used… :(

    • dontknowwho

      Your brain is designed for kids. And this browser is still a kid. Follow their blog for example and for your surprise you may find out that these features are being worked on. Dummy.

      • Tiago Sá

        That’s what they say, but I doubt it will ever be very complex or very customizable.

        • RingMyDingDong

          Whether you like it or not, Opera 17 final release will not be as good as Opera 12x.

          It will take many years to bring back all the features on Opera 12.x

      • Mehran

        Actually, I don’t see the new Opera as a kid, it’s more like a Frankenstein. It suffers from disharmony, it lacks almost any feature and it’s incredibly slow and of course very ugly.

        Consider Opera done :-)

        • jayjarn

          The old Opera was Frankenstein with lots of stuff tacked on. The new one is build as a complete whole.

    • Hector Macias Ayala

      O17 is in DEV stage, not final and already has many options available under opera:flags, including autofill, sessions, themes and sync.

      Pinned tabs are back too.

      In two or three months it will be almost the same.

  • cristianer

    No bookmarks = No thanks.

    • Kocho

      It is a little bit disappointing that Opera’s transferring of Bookmarks to Speed Dial was met with such aversion. I’m sure that this is another idea ahead of its time. I just expect all the admirations when some other browser implements it.

      • Hector Macias Ayala

        As long as I can type some letters and Opera recognizes history/bookmarks for autocompletion I dont really care where are they located in the UI, or if theyre visible or not.

        What I wish I can disable is google search suggestions, I was able to do so in the Presto era.

        • Rafael

          The option you’re looking for is the #1 checkbox at the privacy/security section of the settings. o_o

          • Hector Macias Ayala

            Yeah I was told that too in Desktop Team Blog, I didnt try it before because I tough it would disable autocompletion too.

  • IncidentFlux

    Just waiting for the bookmarks feature to drop. I still prefer Opera.

  • Ahmad Alfy

    I don’t know when will faggots stop crying about the new Opera. Just wait. Opera invented all the features you are using in the other browsers like Private mode, multi-tabs, syncing, advanced bookmarking…

    Quit the faggotry and give Opera a chance. It’s a fucken new engine goddamnit

    • RingMyDingDong

      Opera didn’t invent private browsing…