Download Opera 12 Beta (32, 64 Bit)

By | April 26, 2012 | 16 Comments

Download Opera 12 Beta (32, 64 Bit)

The wait is over, after a couple of quick releases, Norwegian browser maker has revealed the Beta version of Opera 12 for both x86 and x86-64 systems.

In addition to various improvements, Opera 12 brings some of the most requested features, including out of process plugins, hardware acceleration (disabled by default) and WebGL (also disabled by default).

Unlike the recently released Firefox 12, this build packs a ton of changes.

Opera 12 Beta Changelog

- Out-of-Process Plug-ins
- 64-Bit Mac and Windows Versions
- Address Field Enhancements
- Experimental Full Hardware Acceleration
- Opera Unite, Opera Widgets, and Opera Voice Discontinuation
- Right-to-Left (RTL) Script Support Added
- Expanded Language Support
- Window and Tabs API
- Improved Web Specifications Support
- and much more

Opera (x86)
Opera (x86-64)

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  • Guestyguest

    Although it is Beta it is still Buggy as Hell. Crashes like crazy. Font rendering is awful. Text on some sites is misplaced. Freezes now and then. Doesn’t play videos in RSS… And so on… And so on…
    It is still in a condition of a Pre-Alpha.


      If past 3-4 releases are any indication of the future, the don’t expect a lot of polishing in the final build :)

      • Guestyguest

        No, not expecting any polishing, actually.
        Initially I was hoping that things will look up for Opera, but since they refuse (to this day!) to implement Auto Tab-Stacking and Opera Reader, and actually give the cold shoulder to all the handy suggestions from users, I give Opera up and get back to Firefox.

      • KORraN

         In last few news about Opera I noticed that even Vygantas is starting to lose confidence in Opera. Same here, for about 1 year back to Firefox…


          Does it show, wow? Yeah, I was a huge Opera fanboy back in old days, now just another user :)

        • Rafael

          Wow, you all are being so immature…
          This is the BETA 1. How can you tell how the final will be?

          cc/ @djixas:disqus@a9ff2d29cabb47f875da817bb1a73bbc:disqus 

          • OperaFanBoysHater

            There is No Chance they will implement the handy features requested by a lot of users in this release, since they don’t add new features on the Beta stage.
            So, it’s rather you who are stupidly immature.

          • Rafael

            I was replying to the bug / “polishing” (stability) discussion. I don’t have comments on the implementation of these features (aside Opera Reader which is something on Labs).

  • Fgfgfgfgfgfghh

    the beta scores 395/500+9 bonus ppoints in but if you enabled webgl+HWA in config its 410/500+9

    also, opera didnt manage to fix the position:element problem so im just waiting till 12 final

    and some news site misleading “Opera Reader” landed in this build in fact it didnt

    not yet implemented

    • Fgfgfgfgffgffg

      crap forgot enabling websockets too dammit

      • Hiram

        Actually, you haven’t forgotten to enable websockets as you can only achieve that 395 score with them enabled. And then there’s the question of why would you even want to enable them seeing as the current implementation of them in Opera is outdated and obsolete.

    • Guestyguest

       Right, absence of the Reader in this version of Opera is a great disappointment too.

  • Cristian

    G+ doesn’t work in x64 version.


    I was coming here to say I have had many issues out of my 64bit version of Opera but not so many with 32.  

    It would not let me sign in here using Facebook (both versions) it crashed every time.  

    The more I use it the more buggy it seems.  But, I must remember it is indeed a beta and I will not judge Opera for it unless the final is the same.  

    I trust and adore Opera, it has been my browser of choice for several years and I really hope they do not disappoint me now.  


  • Hector Macias Ayala

    Do not set up POP accounts yet guys, it will crash upon start!! Disabling HWA and WebGL also makes it more stable.

  • cyberstream_us

    It is great to see this long-expected version finally released. It is incredible how many upgrades have happened since 11.6. I’m looking forward to the final release, which I am expecting to be more stable. Sure, it is still somewhat buggy, but they’ve come a long way since they first introduced HWA. 

    Between now and the final release, some major new features I want to see are CSS3 flexbox, 3D transforms, and reflections. I also would like to see some major work done on the extensions API so we developers have can produce more powerful extensions. And, of course, some final touches to improve the stability. :)