Benchmarks: Opera 12 – 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64)

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Benchmarks: Opera 12 - 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64With the recent release of Opera 12 Beta, we were eager to compare the performance differences between the 32 and 64 bit builds. As our previous test has shown, the 64 bit version of Opera 12 Alpha was actually worse than its 32 bit build, which really surprised us, considering that the Internet Explorer and Firefox results told the different story.

To make things even more interesting, we have enabled the experimental hardware acceleration.


Benchmarks: Opera 12 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64

Benchmarks: Opera 12 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64

Benchmarks: Opera 12 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64

Benchmarks: Opera 12 32 Bit (x86) Vs. Opera 12 64 Bit (x86-64

If you are wondering why the x86-64 build of Opera 12 did not score in the Peacekeeper benchmark, this is because it always stuck during the last part of the test (Arrays).

So here you have it folks, if those tests are any indication of the real life performance, then there is little to no reason to use the 64 bit builds.

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  • Cristian

    Did you test them with W7 64 bits?



      • Cristian


  • David Grane

    Nicely done.Thank you.

  • Fujiy

    A reason is allocate more than 2gb

    • Frustrated Opera User

      For what reason? All browsers works pretty well using less than 2GB of memory.

      • Word

        I like your user name, me too frustrated. they released  buggy beta….

        • Rafael

          A buggy beta? You don’t say!!!!

    • apád anyád

      There is something wrong if someone needs more than 1 gigs of ram for browsing. Even developers rarely need to exceed the memory limits of x86.

      • Ichann

        Because Opera loves to use more memory than it is allocated.

      • Hector Macias Ayala

        Enable Unite Music Player, install 30 extensions, set 60 speed dials, set up 15 to 20 feeds, setup 2 or 3 accounts with some 3000 mails in the Database, create 150 contacts, stack some 40 tabs in groups…

        Opera is a very powerful browser, but will just as well grow on resources as you make a bigger use of it.

  • MacVities

    Come on, what did people really think would happen.  There is very little reason to have 64bit browsers, other than keeping up with the jones’s

    The downsides of 64bit ness (memory usage, due to swollen 64bit pointers) will almost certainly outwiegh the register benefits.

    64bit is VERY useful for supporting huge amounts of memory, or math intensive stuff, but for a browser, any benefit is always going to be marginal.

    I would use it, but until Google stop breaking their UA sniffing on 64bit UA strings, I can’t use Google+, so i’m staying with 32bit Opera.

    • Anonymous

       The reason question is why in god’s name would you use Google+

    • Rafael

      The benefit is being actually multi-core in the processor.