Download Opera 11.50 Final

By | June 28, 2011

Now you can add a clock!

The latest stable release of Opera web browser has been just released and can be downloaded from here.

So what’s new in Opera 11.50?

As previously reported, the following release includes a new design, thanks to the Featherweight project.

In addition to that, users can now enjoy speed dial extensions and Opera Link password synchronization.

As for the core, Opera 11.50 is equipped with the Presto 2.9.168 rendering engine, offering an increased rendering performance of CSS and SVG by up to 20%.

As a result, it now supports quite a few new web specifications, including but not limited to: HTML5 Session history and navigation, HTML5

After seeing the new video, I can’t help but think of the following ad:

In case you’ve been using weekly builds, Opera 11.50 RC5 is the Final version.


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  1. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Good, but still have to fix some fit & finish bugs. This has font rendering issue in my language (Tamil). Next they need to start thinking of adding Enterprise features.

  2. Wicket says:

    The blue dots on the tabs are gone. Featherweight has replaced the dots with dog-ears.

  3. greg says:

    like i said opera only cares about there speed dials…

    • Guh says:

      What a weird claim. There is a huge number of changes and fixes. It seems that you are the one who only cares about speed dial, since you ignore all the other fixes and additions.

      Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

      • greg says:

        Tell me what were the ”huge number of changes” cause i didnt see it in that video…
        and dont try to back yourself up talking about (bug) fixes and updating  like ”presto engine” a browser should be updating those things by default those are not changes thats how i feel. Sad thing  Opera has a new UI but they rather give it the cold shoulder and make a video on a speed dial like it never happened ..its Opera 11.20 

        • Anonymous says:

          Heh. You are basing your opinion on a single video highlighting a single feature?


          BTW, you can easily check the actual changelogs no or the desktop blog for more detailed changelogs. But I guess it’s easier to just spout nonsense…

        • Cruelworld says:

          Like Chrome 1.12 or Firefox 4.1.01. Times are changin. Don’t be left behind. Major changes in browsers from now on will be quite insignificant if you would compare them to changes 10 years ago. So now if you are not trolling you have to compare new features not to development cycle 10 years ago but to changes in other browsers.So  yes, 11.5 is a big step forward :)

        • Leo says:

          But when Firefox release version 5 with a few performance improvements, that is ok right? At least opera called it 11.5 and not 12. What version is Chrome up to now? 30?

          • Ryan says:

            Who gives a shit about the version number? Like I really don’t think this should matter anymore…

        • greg. says:


      • Nobody says:

        opera employee? perhaps the one with 10 years under his belt? you are now a Blog Comment Manager? :)

  4. DWBH says:

    Opera need more betas less RC ……

  5. Tiago Sá says:

    Speed dial is the coolest feature you’ll never need. The new tab button is largely irrelevant already anyway…