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By | August 14, 2013

Download Firefox 24 BetaEvolution, not revolution.

As if Android release wasn’t enough, Mozilla has also pushed the Beta version of Firefox 24 for the PCs. However, despite sharing the same version number, these two releases are far from identical, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

While Firefox 24 for Android included some neat features, the desktop version looks like a maintenance release. How so? Just look at the changelog, it’s pretty uneventful:

– Support for new scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
– Implemented Close tabs to the right
– Social: Ability to tear-off chat windows to view separately by simply dragging them out

– Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs

– Major SVG rendering improvements around Image tiling and scaling
– Improved and unified Browser console for enhanced debugging experience, replacing existing Error console
– Removed support for sherlock files that are loaded from application or profile directory

– Support for W3C touch events disabled

Anyway, new release is a new release and we will have to deal with it.

Firefox 24 Beta

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  1. Guesty Guest says:

    I’ve been using the Firefox beta channel for about 2 years now as my only browser.

    As a particular version goes through beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4 etc, there is no noticeable change in performance.

    However, last week when I went from 23 beta 10 to 24 beta 1 i.e. a major version change, there was a noticeable boost in speed and responsiveness.

    I run Firefox with no add-ons, so I can see the unadulterated performance of the browser itself. It has been improving, steadily for 2 years and is now FAST.