Crash Any Version of IE, Even IE9

By | January 9, 2011

All you have to do is put this code into your web site

Result: open this page.

Via Right Now Tech.

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  1. Cogito says:

    Hahahaha! Nice. But… how?

  2. LOL says:

    But why?

  3. Cogito says:

    Touche, that’s a better question. :P

    • Andylee says:

      the answer is in the missing tag. It seems like IE is entering an infinitive loop searching for the which simply does not exist…. but it also seems like this is only the case in this special combination of CSS and html (according to the linked forum thread).

  4. Dwight Stegall says:

    That’s an old gag that’s been around since IE 1.0. Why would you show people cause other people problems? Don’t we have enough malicious websites already?

    • mabdul says:

      can you prove that? that would mean that all mosaic based browsers (for example also ibm webexplorer) would crash. I doupt that since there wasn’t css! If that bug exists since beginning, then it must be IE3 (beta xy)…

  5. Armin says:

    If only websites like Facebook did that and forced people to switch to other browsers…:P

  6. It looks like it’s putting a form (width:100%) inside a div with a margin of 10px on either side. Not padding (which would theoretically eat into that 100%) but MARGIN.

    So it’s basically causing it to go into negative numbers on the left side, and beyond the screen on the right side.

    The fact this doesn’t crash FF, Opera, Safari, Chrome makes it inexcusable for IE — especially if they haven’t even fixed it in IE9!