Bing Includes HTML5, Becomes Awesome

By | September 10, 2010 | 12 Comments

Here is an amazing video that shows off the capabilities of HTML5 on Bing search engine.

With the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 Final release, (that supports HTML5) we are eager to experience the power of such interface on any mainstream web browser.

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  • monty

    Much cooler than instant search on Google. Hope it’s really HTML5 not just javascript with html5 doctype.

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  • Daniel Hendrycks


  • Ichann

    Does Look AJAX’y though

  • BS-Harou
    • nvm


  • Mika Takala

    Yep, CSS3 is not HTML5. It seems that people are starting to advertise CSS3 as HTML5 because it just sounds better and brings more hype, which is very bad..

    • Foo

      Nah, the masses are just too lazy to differentiate the two. There’s also no real reason for them to know the difference.

    • Erik

      So? Both are the next generation of web standards. Anything that uses HTML5 will also use CSS3.

      • Mika Takala

        thats so untrue – I’ve done a small webpage that doesn’t use CSS at all but has HTML5 video and other things from HTML5.

  • stve

    Impressed it needs options to search by time to challenge Google though

  • RamaSubbu SK

    Cool!! Nice!!!