Back to Basics: IE8 Users Downgrade to IE7

By | March 24, 2009

While Internet Explorer 8 mostly receives mixed reviews due to sites compatibility issues, InformationWeek reports that IE8 market share already slipped to 1.86% (Monday data) from 2.59% which was reported on Sunday.

Although this might sound like a bad news, there is also an upside. Because Internet Explorer 8 is not very popular yet, web developers will be able to polish and prepare their websites for IE8 without a big rush, which usually leads to various issues.

As for Internet Explorer 8 market share gain, my best guess is that it will start significantly increase only after Windows 7 release, IE8 is a default browser there.


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  1. Vamsi says:

    Well, to me the only good browser is Firefox. I occasionally use IE and that too only IE 6. IE 8 is running seperate processes for each tab. What kind of technology is that?

  2. Wilmer says:

    Oh, man! As i already wrote on the originating site:
    It was weekend! People do their private browsing and testing of new programs at home. On mondays they go to work where they have their preinstalled IE6/7. In companies they don’t install every product that has just been released at once.

  3. Cody01 says:

    If you do a google search you will see that a lot of IE8 users (including myself) have the following problem: after installing IE8, the browser simply fails to load any webpage, saying there is a connection error. There have been some workarounds on various forums (enabling and disabling the proxy on a LAN connection), but I expect the average user will be put off by this and downgrade to IE7.

    I am not saying this happens to all users, but there is a significant numbers of users affected by this problem.

  4. Sunil says:

    IE8 has tried to borrow a lot of ideas from Chrome and Firefox but has failed to implement them in a clean way. There seem to be so money bugs that have been overlooked. My screen was frozen when I just tried to delete a bookmark entry !! I love Firefox and I think I will stay with it and downgrade to IE7

  5. Equinox says:

    Vamsi, running each tab as a seperate process is a wonderful new innovation which is all the more viable due to multi-core processing. If each tab runs independantly then if one crashes the others stay up. Therefore you don’t lose anything you were working on if another part of IE 8 crashes. Firefox and Chrome also use this.

  6. Scott F says:

    I have installed IE8 on two seperate computers and both have lost connection completely. I had to downgrade to IE7. Before I update to IE8 I will switch to Firefox. You would thing a company like microsoft would have this worked out by now. They are like everyone else. Lay everyone off and the hell with customer service. I going back to pen and paper. Crap….already sold my type writer. LOL