A Pleasant Opera.com Design Change

By | November 21, 2008

With the recent my.opera.com change, Opera home page was redesigned as well. Old design was really bad and had old looking components, such as menu for example.

However, this one looks much better. Fresh and light. Dark red color navigation, black pop-up menus, latest news section and more.

There are two things which could be changed though.

1. Where is “FREE”?
2. Opera Mobile should be somewhere near Opera Mini but not in the bottom corner (like least important thing).

A Pleasant Opera.com Design Change

Overall, it’s a pleasant improvement. What do you think about it?

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  1. Even though I’m a diehard Opera fan, I have to admit it’s quite nice but still not good enough..

  2. Andrew Wox says:

    Opera 10 will have most improvements we search.

  3. wut says:

    @Andrew Wox

    Says who?

  4. andrew wox says:

    wut now already opera 10 alpha available.
    100% acid 3 test,30% faster than before,tell me i wasn’t wrong before.
    User interface will improve in beta edition available if I’m right before 2009.I think you are firefox fan but at the end of the day(May be year) LOYAL OPERA users will win.HA HA HA HA