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Weekly Browsers Recap + Bonus Links, February 28th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, February 28th

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Safari Adopts WebKit2

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Safari Adopts WebKit2Back in April of 2010, Apple has announced a new version of WebKit framework which is essentially called WebKit2

Well, it looks like the upcoming Mac OS X Lion release will feature an improved Safari web browser that finally utilizes Webkit2.

One of the main framework goals is to utilize a split process model, so the web content would be placed into a separate process. As a result, bad plugin, tab etc. won’t crash the whole web browser.

This behavior is very similar to Chrome’s; however, as split process module is directly integrated into WebKit2 framework, other clients will be able to use it as well.

Via: MacRumors

Weekly Questions Recap, February 28th

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Weekly Questions Recap, February 28th
Don’t forget that you can receive points for asking/answering questions and redeem them for cool prizes.


Download Firefox 4 Beta 12

By | February 27, 2011 | 8 Comments

Download Firefox 4 Beta 12This is it; the final Beta version of Firefox 4 has been released to public.

Although you might expect only bug fixes (nearly 700 of them), Mozilla has also managed to improve the performance when viewing Flash content, plugin compatibility when hardware acceleration is enabled as well as performance, stability and compatibility.

Furthermore, according to the changelog, when hovering link, the URL will now be displayed at the bottom of the window instead of the location bar.


Thanks, Jeff, RamaSubbu SK, Shane Bundy!

Web Inspector, Now with CSS Tracking

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Web Inspector, Now with CSS Tracking

Good news, the team behind Web Inspector has pushed a new version that improves CSS editing capabilities.

What’s new?
The Web Inspector will now show all the declared properties, even the ones that are not understood by a web browser.
Color property values can now be shown exactly as they written in an inline style.
It now uses two separate fields for property name and value.

And best of them all: the history of style sheet. This means that you can now track all the CSS changes that were made during editing.

Overall, it’s a nice update and we hope to see CSS tracking implemented into other dev tools as well.

For even more details, visit the original post.

Opera 11.10 Upgrades Speed Dial

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Opera 11.10 Upgrades Speed Dial

Opera Software has just confirmed that one of the enhanced features in the upcoming Opera 11.10 release will be a new Speed Dial which layout is now called “Speed Dial Flow”.

As a result, a new snapshot reveals the very first piece of all upcoming changes that are yet to come (see screenshot above).

Please note that this is not a final speed dial version.

Our guess is: Google Chrome like (“Most Visited sites”) behavior.

In addition to that, there will be some subtle animations and messages to remind new Opera users about all the features available in Opera web browser.

If you would like to try a new build (pre-alpha), please visit the following page.

Disqus Is Back

By | February 24, 2011 | 10 Comments

It looks like there is some sort of bug with WordPress/Plugin that causes script to create hundreds of loops when posting a comment.

As a result, Disqus will replace default system.

If you don’t see comments in some of the posts, give it few minutes, they are now imported.

CTRL+F in Google Chrome Is Awesome

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CTRL+F in Google Chrome Is Awesome

Although I find myself using find function quite often, I haven’t noticed this Google Chrome feature before:

It shows in the scroll bar where the word you’re searching for is located.

Via: Reddit

How Would You Change Opera?

By | February 24, 2011 | 86 Comments

If you would have an opportunity to do whatever you want with Opera web browser, how would you change it?

What features would be added or removed?

Firefox 4 Final for Android Coming Soon

By | February 23, 2011 | 4 Comments

Firefox 4 Final for Android Coming SoonWith the upcoming desktop browser release, Mozilla Foundation also plans to ship the Final version of Firefox 4 for Android in few weeks.

Furthermore, during an interview at the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla’s vice president of products, Jay Sullivan said that there will be about 150 mobile add-ons available during the launch.

Nokia N900 users shouldn’t be worried too as Firefox 4 Mobile will be available for devices running Maemo operating system as well.

Jay Sullivan has also commented on much anticipated Firefox 5 build, which according to him:

Will be a much quicker release cycle but it will have fewer features, but it will be more agile and more reactive to the issues that are facing the market.

Via: PCWorld