YouTube Video Lags in Firefox?

By | August 26, 2009

YouTube Video Lags in Firefox?If you are experiencing video jumpiness while watching videos in Firefox web browser, then here is a possible solution (as from LifeHacker):

“The quick fix for this problem, at least for my own sake, is to increase the time between each of the saves performed by session restore. By opening about:config in your Firefox address bar, then typing browser.sessionstore.interval in the filter box, you’ll see a value of 10000, which is in milliseconds. (Meaning your session is saved every 10 seconds.) I changed this to 300000, or every 5 minutes, as I don’t have the urgent need for tab restoration. If you feel like being more on the safe side, try increasing it to something a bit lower, say 120000, or every 2 minutes.”

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  1. pneumatyka says:

    Yeah, I’m suffering from this very often, especially when FF works for a day or two, and I have many tabs opened.

    THX for this!

    That is why I mostly use Opera :P

    • Foo says:

      From the Reddit thread linked to in the article:

      stopmotionporn 3 points
      How about in opera? it happens to me a lot too.

      ponyolovesHAM 3 points
      i would also love to know how to fix in opera!

      HeNeArKrXeRn 2 points
      how about in Chrome?

      Just saying… it’s more likely a general problem with the crap that is flash.
      Or it’s the OS, I have no problems with flash video playing once it plays in either browser. Now seeking in a video is a whole other matter.

      • I wish youtube would drop flash in favor of silverlight, I don’t experience any issues though.

        • Theora, Vorbis, SVG. Not Silverlight.

          • Foo says:

            Using SVG to play videos? Now that would be epic to see! :D
            I agree about silverlight/moonlight/flash/java, just throw it in the dumpster!

          • No, SVG would be pause, play, the interactive stuff.
            Yes SVG playing video would be amazing.

            But this Ogg and SVG thing may not happen for some time… :(

          • Foo says:

            Hmm, well I can’t really see using SVG for controls to be problematic. Not that I have played around anything with SVG-fu, but the JavaScript event handling system should work the same for SVG as it does with HTML/XML.
            I have only seen implementations using either a or ‘normal’ HTML elements for controls, for example jai.
            Though,it appears to me that SVG should be simpler to use, animating stuff using SMIL for instance.

            SVG playback of video could possibly be done by decoding the stream manually a la the image meta-data reader over at or via snapshots through canvas. … I’m thinking, using SVG elements to display the video, but it just hit me that perhaps you were talking about ’embedding’ the video in an SVG document? If so you might be happy to know that that can already be done :)

            By the by, while looking for a video player using SVG to ‘render’ the controls I stumbled upon this old proof of concept:

            Which had me thinking that it would pretty sweet to have the same with video instead of pictures. Five minutes later I found this :)

            Now if only someone could add multi-touch controls and orientation (of the device) sensitivity :D

      • Toby says:

        Yeah its defiantly Flash that is the ultimate route of the issue. If anyone plays any of the Zynga flash games (eg Farmvillie) you will see how bad it gets.

  2. @foo
    Very cool. But I was not thinking of embedding it in an svg document but thanks anyways.

  3. paul says:

    this worked. thank you.

  4. Happy says:

    My computer is slow and has low RAM so this helped! Thanks!