YouTube Crashing In Chrome? Here’s How To Fix That

By | January 30, 2012 | 11 Comments

YouTube Crashing In Chrome? Here’s How To Fix ThatOver the course of last few last days, a huge amount of Google Chrome users have started experiencing crashes when surfing YouTutbe web site. While the search giant is presumably working on a way to fix that, here is what you can do to stop crashes from happening again:

- Right click on the video
- Click “Stop Downloading” before you close the tab
- Job done

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  • Mikah

    Thought Chrome was supposed to be crash proof, they sandbox tabs surely they sandbox plugins as well ?

    • Anon

       You’ve been misled for a long, long time.

    • Shane Bundy

      It does sandbox, but maybe it’s the result of Google’s “half-baked” (Tom’s Hardware’s Words) Flash plugin. It’s fine with Chromium.

    • Saex Conroy

       you know whats funny? chrome is by google, and youtube is by google (ever since they bought it)

      it should be the last browser to crash there

      what i think of chrome is that google got too proud and spoiled with chrome’s success and nowadays its not success but sucksess

      • Tiago Sá


        • Saex Conroy

           yes, nowadays…

          what about it?

  • Greg

    This happend to me many times in Chrome even when I was downloading something (so frustrating). I Finally made the big switch to Firefox and no looking back. Google Chrome use to be good now it just sucks soo unstable

  • John678u

    Oh, the irony

  • greg

    I thought my computer had a virus, but I found out a few minutes ago (before I came here) it’s been a common problem the last few days. Google get it together!

    • Your Not Greg Lol

      Hahaha do people still get  viruses?! Why put up with common problems when you can have a stable browser instead? Chrome has been crashing way before this came along. Its nothing new. Save yourself  !

  • Anonymous

    best trick is: stop using chrome!