You Seem to Be Using IE6 (Picture)

By | January 14, 2010 | 12 Comments

You Seem to Be Using IE6 (Picture)

Does anyone still code for IE6?


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  1. Dave says:

    I use a really old PC and i use sometimes IE6 and i see sometimes abusing because i use this software. First thing, if i browse at work and i use IE6 is it my fail? Totally not! Second thing, when i use NT 4.0 (or something same old OS/config) if i use IE5 is it my fail? Yes if you proud member of consumer society (and pushing ahead the humankind in to their own grave). Anyway the answer is no.
    I won’t say, the IE6 is ok. Yes, it’s a crap because it have many viruses and web developers hate it too. But don’t be proud of your brutishness. Be patient and do not screw others, because they do not like something as you.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      It’s your fail because you can (a) install another browser or (b) use a browser from your pendrive or (c) not browse at all and keep your computer away from danger.

    • Tesstr says:

      Anyone who uses Windows XP, Vista, or 7 at work can install Google Chrome, even if you don’t have admin privileges on your computer, because it is not installed in the Program Files folder, it’s installed on user-level.

      Just doesn’t work on Windows 2000 or earlier versions, should your company still use Windows 98.

      It takes just a few clicks — you can take that literally for once…

    • IE6 Is Tarded says:

      Dave, really?!? NT? IE5?

      Do you still have a horse too, and wonder why you get tickets in the city when it craps on the street on your way to work?

      I mean, I understand not wanting the latest latest thing, but I think you should at least shoot for not using the most ancient thing. NT/IE5 went bye bye in the last century, literally.

      You’re going to have to face the truth that we live in a technological era. Technology rapidly changes, and trying to use 10+ year old technology will bring you nothing but problems, incompatibilities and frustration.

      Expecting everyone to change their view portals (websites) because you have a Ted Kazynsky-esque approach to technology and materialism is absurd. This is the flow of the technological era, regardless of your opinion about it.

      I don’t have a problem with being opposed to materialism, but sticking with stone-age tools is just silly and not a very well-thought-out plan of protest. Get a grip. Yes, your fail.

  2. Dels says:

    “Does anyone still code for IE6?”

    we wont but we (mostly) must do that… my boss always talk about website compability between browser, including those f*cked IE6, and what i did was build for opera/firefox/chrome then later fix it for ie6, mainly the css bug

  3. In my company, we still code for IE6, because a lot of users still browse with it.
    In my personal projects I most often do not code for IE6.

  4. Fyrd says:

    As the image says, it’s from Hugs For Monsters. The original blog post with multiple images was here:

    He just made them as a joke (adding that he really hoped no one would actually use them), then as things snowballed into the wrong direction he took them down.

    • Tiago Sá says:

      This kind of embarrassment is a good thing. IE6 is not the most used browser anymore, thank good, but it still represents a fair chunk of the market. Even IE7 is bad for the web and coding for it is nearly as much of a pain as it is to code for IE6.

      In my personal projects I usually display a placeholder frame on IE6 over stuff that will not work on it or will take too long to hack saying “Feature not supported by internet explorer. Please update.” or something like that.

  5. Golden Boy says:


  6. Tim says:

    I need one of those for my site.

  7. Gilles says:

    I still code for IE6, if it works for IE6 it always works with newer version.

    If not set a meta tag to force compatability mode for IE7 or IE6.

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