Yahoo! Promotes Firefox?

By | August 28, 2008

First, it was Google who decided to promote Firefox, and now..? Yes, Yahoo! started to do that as well. Welcome “Firefox 3 Yahoo Edition”.

So here’s how their home page looks like:

Yahoo Firefox

Link redirects to (if you are not using Firefox).


What’s next?

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  1. Robin Johnson says:

    I have Yahoo e-mail& firefox protection I want to get ride of my e-mail pasword altogether. I can never get into my e-mail I started to day at 8:30 it’s now 10:30. Can’t bring it up no matter what. This stupid computer asks me over and over to put in a code, but then nothing, but another code.. again and again. THis happens all the time unless I go through my screen savers. I want to keep my same pass word I don’t want to change it each time. Is there a way I can get to e-mail with out pass word. I have e-mail in book marker and shortcut, but it will never let me go to it it’s a night mare. Thankyou RJ. Now if I can go to my e-mail later and read your e-mail to me, this will be a mirical, I’ll try going through my screen savers. I have to go for a couple of days.