Yahoo Inquisitor Add-On for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

By | October 23, 2008

Here’s a great toy for your web browser: Inquisitor, which was accrued by Yahoo Inc. some time ago.

Inquisitor speeds up your searches like no other. Start typing and websites appear instantly, along with suggestions to help refine your search. Inquisitor understands you, learning and tailoring your results as you search more. You can also add more search engines with customized keyboard shortcuts. Inquisitor is fast, smart, and flexible.

Of course, it should also work on other IE, Firefox and/or Safari based browsers.

More info and download

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  1. Gischi says:

    Really a great add-on for my firefox :-)

    But one small problem is here: Can anyone tell me how to open a new tab by clicking on a result showing in inguqisitor?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Gischi,

    Try clicking with mouse scroll button or try holding CTRL or SHIFT (should open in new window).

  3. ameo says:

    i dunno really, i’m fully adapted to google web and image search.
    this will be point+ for yahoo search, will try it and see how it works.