Yahoo Buys RockMelt For $60-70 Million

By | August 4, 2013

Yahoo Buys RockMelt For $60-70 MillionThis is why you don’t give women your credit card.

It looks like Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, just can’t stop buying things. For what appears to be her 18th acquisition this year, a web giant has just announced that they are acquiring RockMelt, a social web browser that was later discontinued and turned into a news aggregator, which too will now be shut down following the purchase.

So far, so good.

[Via: AllThingsD]

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  1. Mehran says:

    It’s a matter of having knowledge of using Webkit in order to make my very own browser, then integrating a simple idea (good enough to be a plugin), pretend like it’s a big deal and some crazy will use it and king of the them will make you reach eventually!

    That’s kindda my fantasy nowadays!

    • – Make Chorme clone but with AdBlock / NoScipt plugins integrated, set homepage to something about NSA
      – Name it Google Chrome Professional
      – Wait till Google asks you to change the name
      – Publish a Press Release, claiming that Google is trying to silence you as it includes anti NSA info
      – Get Reddit circlejerk going and ask for donations to fight the evil NSA
      – Spend money on white powder and streetwalkers
      – Discontinue Google Chrome Professional, blaming the government
      – Write a book about it and laugh all the way to the bank

  2. Marcos Caceres says:

    What’s with the sexist bullshit Vyngatas?! Seriously you fucking asshole, remove that sexist shit from the post right now and issue an apology. Really, we have enough problems in this industry with idiot men making fucking stupid comments like the above about women and credit card. Not fucking funny. Grow up and stop fucking up the tech industry.

    • mopar93 says:

      its a joke fag

    • It’s a joke but let’s think about this for a moment. You’re offended. You’ve taken offense. You announce that on a website as if it means something, as if it’s some grand proclamation with relevance and importance.

      The problem is not that you’re “offended.” The problem is that you think the rest of the world should care, do something about it, change its behavior to accommodate your inner self. So if that’s true, if quite clearly the world can’t respond to every offended person on the planet, WHAT, dare I ask, makes you so special?

      Oh, yes. That’s right. You’re not. You’re only that special in your own head. I hate to break it to you, but your feelings are your own. They’re not mine. Welcome to the Internet, where nobody cares. Deal with it.

      • En_joy says:

        I raised my eyebrows at the “credit card” statement, knowing white knight devs would go apeshit.

      • Huyderman says:

        Wow, I just lost a lot of respect for

        Frankly, I found the joke in bad taste, especially with all the drama going on as of late in tech surrounding stuff like this. But I’ve seen worse, and would have just have sighed and moved on.

        Marcos’ comment is hostile and a bit entitled. This doesn’t justify dismissing and belittling anyone that might have found the joke offensive. You just come of as a jerk, defending your right to be misogynist. Congratulations…