Yahoo and Live Search Might Save Mozilla

By | March 16, 2009

Since the launch of Chrome, relations between Mozilla and Google were affected. And although contract between them expires on 2011, Michael Baker, the CEO of Mozilla considered the possibility of search contract end. As they are not completely sure about Google’s plans to renew it. As the result, they are started to look for alternatives.

Many analysts consider it as a good movement because during Chrome growth, Mozilla will depend on Google Inc. more than Google does on Firefox. Selling default search engine spot in Firefox would be both, beneficial and not. Search giants such as Yahoo or Live would pay much more than Google do. However, how many of Firefox users would actually use a new search provider?

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Good points risen.

    Yeah, I would keep google as my default search engine. Truth be told, however, my usage of google doesn’t give a cent to mozilla, as the search plugin is made by me and doesn’t contain their code, but still.

    Google is just so much better than any other search engine, there’s just no reason to change, and mozilla might not be in a good position to do so. Besides, it’s not about the money, and Firefox could well live without google’s millions.

  2. Dobby says:

    first of all live search wont exsist in 2011 (the new engine will have the name “kumo” and second microsoft would not give the mozilla foundation a dime… i do think yahoo may support mozilla though.