World’s Most Expensive Web Browser Revealed

By | February 22, 2013 | 9 Comments

If you are looking to impress some of your friends and Vertu products are out of your budget, then here’s a slightly less overpriced alternative: Chromebook Pixel.

Starting at $1,299 for the WiFi version and $1,449 for LTE, Chromebook Pixel is a “laptop” with 12.85 inch, touch enabled, 2,560 x 1,700 resolution display and Intel Core i5 dual core processor.

Minus the amazing 3:2 screen, Chromebook Pixel packs a 32-64 GB SSD drive, two USB 2.0 ports and a battery that will last you up to 5 hours, according to Google.

Speaking of Chromebooks sales, they do look pretty good, actually, as stated in the blog post, “Chromebook has been #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for laptops every day since it launched 125 days ago in the U.S., and Chromebooks now represent more than 10 percent of notebook sales at Currys PC World, the largest electronics retailer in the U.K.”

And in case you want to buy one, head over to the following page for all the details.

Update: Check the a hands-on video by TheVerge.

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  • Gcggg

    What’s with the pathetic fanboy writing lately?

    • Guest

      Chromebook is $200-300, paying additional $1000 for resolution upgrade is madness.

    • FavBrowser

      It’s an overpriced product with awful battery life, just like Surface Pro is, except that one at least has a real OS in it so you can run photoshop, play games, etc.

      Chrome OS is not touch optimized, yet they added a touch screen.

      • Jc



      Or as reddit wrote


      Step 1. Buy retina Macbook Pro.
      Step 2. Install Google Chrome.
      Step 3. Go into full screen.

      Congratulations on your purchase of a dual boot Chromebook.

      USB 3.0
      Optical In/Out
      Best trackpad bar none

  • Trevonn

    What determines the price, hardware of software?

    • Maxim

      In this case obviously hardware.

      • Trevonn

        Exactly so all the ‘overpriced’ comments are stupid.


          32 GB SSD and USB 2.0 for $1200, sounds legit.