WordPress Kills Internet Explorer 6 Support

By | May 20, 2011 | 27 Comments

Wordpress Kills Internet Explorer 6 Support

What took them so long?

The upcoming WordPress 3.2 release, which is now in Beta, will no longer support the Internet Explorer 6 web browser, organization said earlier this week.

Just like other major companies that decided to halt IE6 support, WordPress highlights the increasingly complex code trickery to make WP dashboard work with the 10 year old web browser.

Although it remains unclear what site webmasters would use such software; still, it’s a welcomed step forward.

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  • Armin

    Dude, how am I supposed to post now? 

    • DWBH

      FF version 1 :). At-least less buggier than current version.

      • Tiago Sá

         And still it’s less buggy than Chrome Opera and Safari put together! They will crash your system every 10 minutes and steal your credit card number.

        Well, Chrome will, at least.

        • Anonymous

          How much does Mozilla Pay you to spew such nonsense  

        • http://rudivisser.myopenid.com/ Rudi Visser

          lol you idiot 

          • Tiago Sá

            I’m not the one replying to flamebait.


          • Anonymous

            Is that your go to response when you fail?

            Ohh look everybody we were ashamed by the internetz. Quick run to mommies teet.

            Grow Up

          • Tiago Sá

            No, you grow up. You are the one using a stupid browser for stupid people!!

          • Sarjoor

            Tiago, you need to grow up and stop posting only FF fanboi nonsense.  You never have anything serious to say except just pithy expositions that other browsers are stupid and FF is good just because you’re a fanfoi.  You’re the one that’s stupid.

          • Tiago Sá


  • Anonymous

    We’ll probably see a similar drop-off for IE7 support as soon as next year.  Fortunately, that browser didn’t have nearly the stickiness of IE6.

    Remember, IE7&8 are largely IE6 with a couple added doodads in a shiny package.

    • Armin

      Would be nice if companies got together to ditch support for IE7 and IE8 entirely, thus forcing users to upgrade to IE9 or look for another superior browser. They aren’t hard to find. 

      • Anonymous

        Right, well, then the largest companies would have to spend 0.1% of their yearly tech budgets modifying their intranet sites to work in modern browsers.  And who could spare that?!

        • Armin

          Keep IE7 or IE8 for the intranet and upgrade otherwise for the internet. :P 

          • Anonymous

            Lazy, incompetent IT staff would shut that down as a “support nightmare”. 

          • http://templeofandrex.com Andrex

            Chrome Frame solves everything. 

          • Anonymous

            Andrex, stop wasting your life and get back to work! 

          • http://templeofandrex.com Andrex

            What am I supposed to be working on? o_0 

          • Anonymous

            Game library or something, IDFK ;)

          • http://templeofandrex.com Andrex


  • Jackdurango

    Not to dispute — but instead of saying “Just like other major companies that decided to halt IE6 support” – could you be more specific? What companies do that?

    • Tiago Sá

      Google does it, for one.

      • Armin

         And that also means YouTube.

    • Guest

       Facebook too

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  • Opera & IE fanboy

    It would be interesting to know for the last few months how many IE6 users are visiting word press.
     I think, those might be less than 1%, thats why they would take these decisions :) Otherwise , it would hurt their business. 

    • Tiago Sá

      Actually, even 1% could hurt their business. What decides if it hurts their business is whether the money they spend on hacks is more than the money they get from IE6 users. There’s no way we can know that.