Windows Phone: Swipe Between Tabs, Find In Page With Vable Browser

By | March 9, 2012

One of the frequently requested Windows Phone’s Internet Explorer 9 features is the ability to navigate between tabs with a simple flick to the left or right, which can’t be done with the default web browser. Fortunately, Vable Browser, the IE9 based alternative includes this and other new functionality

The best part? It’s free and unlike a lot of free apps, it does not have any ads.


– Swipe from right or left edge to switch tab
– Swipe from top or bottom edge to show Url bar
– Setting Home Page
– Setting Search Provider
– Remember all tabs when app close
– Show the tutorial in first use
– Compat view for force render web as Internet Explorer 7
– Find on page
– Desktop Mode
– Orientation Lock

Although you can download it from the official market place, the latest version has not yet been uploaded, which no longer displays ads for the free users. The solution? Head over the the XDA forum and get it from there.

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  1. Opera0day says:

    Author’s favorite browser (Opera v11.6.1250) hacked 0day¬†vulnerability.¬†

    • Anonymous says:

      You created an entire account just to post this?

      Isn’t that kind of….what’s the word I’m looking for? Pathetic? Yeah. Pathetic.

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    -Double Post-