Windows Phone 8: Internet Explorer 10 Detailed

By | June 20, 2012

In today’s Windows Phone 8 developer’s event, Microsoft has revealed some of the new Internet Explorer 10 features. Although they did not get into specifics, there are still tiny bits that are worth reporting.

Please note: Microsoft said that they will only talk about features that are developer related, so don’t expect anything else.

Performance Improvements

Thanks to a shared core between IE10 Desktop and IE10 Mobile, Internet Explorer 10 will support a broader range of the HTML5 capabilities (including touch events) and boost applications/websites performance.

Windows Phone 8: Internet Explorer 10 Detailed

SmartScreen Filter

Coming straight from the IE10, Windows Phone 8 will also include a phishing protection, which is already available for all the IE users.

Windows Phone 8: Internet Explorer 10 Detailed

Windows Phone 8: Internet Explorer 10 Detailed

That’s pretty much it as for now.

Speaking of the Windows Phone 8, they revealed a new start menu, speech api (TellMe) for apps, multi-core support, SD support, NFS, Skype integration, native code support (including DirectX suppor thanks to a shared Windows 8 code) and more.

Windows Phone 8: Internet Explorer 10 Detailed


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  1. Firefoxer says:

    Not really. 

  2. Trevonn says:

    Funny how they didn’t test the HTC One X Sneeeky buggers

  3. Mutumba_sowed says:

    The GS3 is better than the one X in like 99.9 % of all things… and after software updates this will change to 100%. 
    The duo core krait s4 which wp8 shd be using (or even better) is faster than xynos 4412 of the GS3. 
    WP is way faster than android… given similar specs

  4. Ichann says:

    Aside from the ms mythness; IE is actually a browser where the browsing speed is great.

  5. Mc Ostbirk says:

    Interesting. Samsung make the fastest browser to arm cortex 9 at the moment. Html5test score on the s3 395 points. Browsermark score 167115 on my s3.
    Let us asume Samsung is sleeping….. or not… exynos 4412 is know… made by Samsung. I do not belive qualcomm will set the future standard.. Samsung will … that is market leading. You only se the beginning…

  6. Guest says:

    WP8 is really interesting and giving tough competition to others!!

  7. RichardCurtis says:

    LOL at the Microsoft cherrypicked spin,.

    Windows Phone has flopped badly, and they now have to bullshit to sell anything.