Why Do You Use IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape Or Any Other?

By | June 25, 2007

I am just curious, why do you use Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape or any other web browser?

When you are using one or other browser? Do you use only one or more?

Send me an email to questionsATfavbrowser.com or just leave a comment in this web site with your answers. I will post some of them here so we could get main view why one or other browser is being used.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. bill says:

    I use Opera and I have for quite a while. Long ago I ran all the majors available in Linux as well as IE and determined that Opera suited be best for the usual reasons – safety, size, speed, tabs customizable, etc … Every so often I play with the others but I stay with Opera because:
    1) I use the M2 mail client for mail and rss feeds
    2) Not convinced there’s anyting better (FF has to me issues such as speed, security, stability and I’m a bit weary of using dozens(s) of plugins to get required functionality)
    3) and most important I’m just comfortable with it and like a pair of worn in Levys it just fits me.

  2. AG says:

    Opera for sure!

  3. AG, can you tell us why you are using Opera instead of other web browsers?

  4. AG says:

    – Speed!
    – Exellent security and stability
    – Standard compliance
    – Easy customizable interface
    – Mail client
    – IRC client
    – Mouse gestures
    – Opera:config for fine tuning

  5. Maulkin says:

    The cross-platform argument is one of my reasons! (the others are listed by AG already :D )

  6. islam says:

    opera is the best.i used almost 5 or 6 browsers and finally opera is my best choice for the following reasons:
    2-accessibilty(speed dial+shortcut keys+mouse gesture)
    3-restored sessions
    4-embeded torrent agent
    5-usefull functions in its right menues as(past and go+copy link address)
    6-double-click text to display context menue is wonderfull
    7-i use 1&2 to swich all my tabs it is funny and very fast
    8-i use o to focous or zoom
    9-copying notes in embeded notes is very usefull
    10-reaarange open tabes (safari think it came with miracle)is found already in opera and i use it for monthes.

  7. gossymer says:

    IE = for websites that break in FF and Opera
    Fire fox: for youtube and it’s alternative. Also for web development.
    Opera: *everything* else, including mail (gets emails directly from my gmail account), newsfeeds and the random IRC chats.

    One of my favorite things in Opera is a tiny bit of awesome – you can add a “find in page” search field to the toolbar at the top (right next to your google search). Amazingly convenient.

  8. Mongoose says:

    I use Opera because…
    1. All-in-one solution. Excellent browser, unique mail-client, IRC-chat, torrent, notes so on. I don`t need for extraordinary functionality for IRC and torrent , only basic.
    2. Just install and use. You have all nesessary functions and features you need immediatelly after installation finished. No need to install extentions to add or improve basic functions I need. No need to improve.
    3. Fast and furious. Browser is very fast. But more important for me that Opera allows to work in Intenet more effective, allows to save time because of excellent usability. Allows to work faster.

  9. dafalias says:

    I use Opera becauseā€¦
    1. Best usability. I can not live without mouse gestures any more.
    2. Best MDI implementation. Even Firefox opens popups in a new window – I don’t want that.
    3. Wand because it is secure AND comfortable
    4. Page search and (easily) customizable search engines
    5. Speed, security and standards compliance
    and last but not least:
    6. Because only Opera offers a “nostalgic” mode where it renders pages as good old Commodore 64 would have.

  10. Heitor says:

    1. Fast
    2. Security
    3. Widgets
    4. Speed Dial
    5. Mouse Gestures
    6. Voice Commands

  11. Aragorn says:

    I love firefox, and would love to use that alone, but at most of the payment sites i have seen compatibility issues with firefox. people are slowly realizing the importance of maing their sites completely compatible with firefox. But till then, i prefer the safe option of using ie on any new payment sites that i come across.
    Now, i’m trying out safari for windows, let me see how it treats me:)

  12. Bwibbwz says:

    I use Opera on my Window$ machine due to it being light-years ahead of Firefox for speed.
    I use Safari on my OS-X machine because the machine is crappy and Safari is the easiest on the memory on a Mac. If I had a proper machine I would use Opera on it.
    I am still using Firefox on my Gentoo machine but that is only because I havenĀ“t decided on a browser yet. I might end up with Konqueror once KDE4 is realeased but Opera is also a good possibility (The Opera I have there now is slightly buggy).

    I don’t care much for anything but web-browsing and speed (besides security ofc.). Widgets, Plugins, Torrents, mail, etc. are useless to me.

    The reasons I choose Opera in general are
    – It is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    – Way faster and more memory efficient than Firefox
    – I like speed dial a lot as of late
    – Apparently it’s safer then other browsers (for now anyway)
    – I like the “out of the box” look of the user interface
    – Paste-and-go rocks
    – Sessions
    I guess that’s all.

  13. joyce says:

    I use IE for downloading things I know are safe(just easier to work) I use Firefox and opera for watching online movies. Both are fast. Firefox is always used when I want to download a movie and save it to my pc (add in for firefox called so think video downloader) But some movie sites work better on my Vista 64 bit with Opera rather than firefox. I like google chrome also, your page can have utube, can easily look up places you forgot you visited(con; No file edit view bar,Its a pain when you forget to delete your history for a while..it needs more features, I hear it’s not secure so I only use it for fun stuff. Have them all I use opera the least. but after reading am thinking of trying it more often.