Why Apple Sucks, Opera Mini for iPhone is Ready

By | October 28, 2008

And it won’t be released (yet). As in the interview with one of the Opera guys it was said:

Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.

Oh Come On!


Thanks to haavard for the source.

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  1. K3M15A says:

    I’m sure someone will get it running on a jailbroken iPhone soon enough.

    But I understand Apple’s position, the way that Operamini works would display webpages much faster than the built in Safari, and that would be cause for concern, image-wise.

    How soon before lawmakers are lobbied for apple to open up the iphone and itunes store to competitors?

  2. Swenson says:


    Calling Jon von Tetzchner “one of the Opera guys” when he is interviewed by New York times is a bit like saying “now a Apple spokesperson enters the stage” when Steve Jobs delivers a keynote.

  3. K3M15A says:

    ..And one more thing!

  4. Apple is simply a dog in the manger…

  5. Jyakotu says:

    If people want to use the Opera Mini browser instead of the inbuilt Apple Safari browser on thier iPhone, Apple should let them. I mean, people should have choices when surfing the web on mobile phone. I <3 Opera Mini and I would love to see how it preforms on the iPhone. Aplpe just doesn’t want to admitt that the Safari browser on their own mobile phone sucks.

  6. Jim says:

    I am mad about the suck@$$ browser and no MMS support. Hackers can make this stuff works in days where as Apple will not let us do it. They are like Communists. I was voting today and a guy in front of me was watching the News on a T-Mobile Google G1 and I am holding the best phone in the world except the lamest company holds it back because they only car about money.

    They are hypocrits. They show a commercial about Vista not being ready when they are doing a worst job with the Iphone. They rush it out when it is not ready to do simple tasks.

  7. Mattyells says:

    Jim, the iphone isn’t even close to being the best phone in the world. After reading that, I threw up.

  8. alma says:

    and now we know, this was not true. Opera “greasemonkeys” lied. Just do googlize, Opera mini it is only a 100kb client for Opera mini proxy server and does almost nothing with received data. Opera don’t want to this feature on iPhone, they could create one webapp what is using this feat, but don’t. (and opera never ever created it for iPhone)