WhoIsLive Makes The Whole Web Social

By | July 27, 2011

WhoIsLive Makes The Whole Web Social

What if every web page you visited became an instant chat room? Startup WhoIsLive released a browser extension yesterday that let’s you find out the answer to that question.

What WhoIsLive does is let you see who is viewing the same webpage as you and start conversations with them. Any webpage. It doesn’t need to have chat functions already in place like Facebook or Google+. It basically makes every webpage instantly social, with or without the participation of its publisher.

For the first time ever, see who is browsing on any Web page. Chat, get tips, share links, and meet new people with similar interests. Use the Web like you always do, only now, see what happens when you can see Who is Live! – WhoIsLive Homepage

Just to give some examples of what WhoIsLive can do, it can show you who is viewing your Facebook profile, allow you to ask for guidance from other shoppers on an ecommerce site or be used as a real time discussion tool on blogs and news sites such as FavBrowser. The websites’ publishers don’t need to install anything for the plug in chat room to work on their sites and users don’t need their permission either!

Like with all that is social online, though, users can only see each other, not web browsers who haven’t installed the plug in. This means that a critical mass of users needs to be reached before the tool is useful. Facebook, Groupon, and other services with a focus on being social managed it as well so it shouldn’t be THAT difficult, right?

And before you can see who is viewing your Facebook profile, users of WhoIsLive need to make themselves visible to people who might be monitoring their profiles with the same tool. None of that “I’m invisible! :D” business.

WhoIsLive is currently available for Internet Explorer 8 and higher as well as Firefox 3.6 and higher with Chrome receiving support soon as well according to the WhoIsLive website.

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  1. Federico Panico says:

    ICQ Surf anyone? :)

  2. StormDriver says:

    Actually, they are not the first startup to explore this direction. There is also a large web application in an alpha stage that offers the same functions – you can see who’s on a same site and you can see where your friends are this very minute. But it also offers some additional, clever functions, like website recommendations based on what people with similar web habits liked. 

    It’s called StormDriver – some more info here: http://www.stormdriver.com/blog/stormdriver-alpha-exclusive-first-preview/