Where’s Safari 3.0.3 Beta?

By | July 31, 2007 | 4 Comments

It’s been a month since last Safari 3 release (3.0.2).

Assuming that it only took less than 2 weeks to release Safari 3.0.2 right after 3.0.1 was released this makes me wonder a bit… I am wondering if Safari developers team are developing it silently or they just wanted to get more attention before iPhone release.

If anyone knows any Safari 3 developers blogs (where they are talking about upcoming releases, but not about released versions), please let me know.

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  • http://klimakalorifer.com klimakalorifer

    safari download klink :S

  • http://www.avencius.nl/ Alastor

    Safari 3.0.3 Beta can be found at:

    It includes several security fixes (just like the iPhone version).

    One of the main blogs is Surfin’ Safari:

    However it’s not updated _that_ often, but does contain some quality posts.

  • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas Lipskas

    Yea, even webkit haven’t wrote about 3.0.3 release. Lazy guys :-)

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