What’s New In The Next Firefox 3 Release?

By | July 26, 2007

So there will be few more new things in the next Firefox 3 release. First of all, it’s a page zoom (like Opera’s one).

New “google-safe-browsing” protocol and better scripting support.

That’s all what I read so far, let’s wait for more news.

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  1. Mick says:

    Here’s more by Robert O’Callahan:


    Off the top of my head, things like oncopy, oncut and onpaste events, ability to read files without the need to upload (to help offline web apps), cross-site XMLHttpRequest and improved SVG, and I’m sure a lot more I’ve forgotten. Mainly implementing specs from WHATWG.

    It was chaos. The builds constantly busted and at one point the web servers crashed. You missed out on a lot of fun :)


  2. Mick says:

    “ability to read files without the need to upload”

    Er, by that I mean using input type=”file”, not arbitrarily. I hope I didn’t give anyone a heart attack :P