What Happens When You Have Low Market Share?

By | September 27, 2007

MSN Team just updated their video.msn.com home page. And here’s what happens when you are using Opera.

MSN, Ooops

So what happens when you have low market share? They “accidentally” forget you.

Of course, you can click “Continue to MSN Video” and continue surfing, at least they allow you to do that.

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  1. mabdul says:

    and thats why microsoft should wonder about losing the new browser-war and that many people change their os AND that nobody uses msn ^^ (for videos especialy)

  2. Saito says:

    If you click “Continue to MSN Video”with Opera or Firefox on Windows, every branches are all empty, though with IE you can see many items at each branch :(
    I will never visit there again, even if they fix it.

  3. Kelson says:

    Entirely true. Mozilla-based browsers used to have the same problem all the time until Firefox started gaining publicity and picked up the marketshare to prove it was more than just hype.

    I find it interesting that they recommend Firefox over Safari on MacOS, given that Safari is pre-installed and (as far as I can tell) accounts for about 2/3 of Macintosh web surfing. I’ll have to try visiting the page from home and see whether it’ll let Safari in.

  4. Maulkin says:

    If they propose Firefox for OSX it’s beacause Safari isn’t that much compatible with IE way of doing things, they are more standards compliants like Opera.

  5. IceArdor says:

    They didn’t even recommend Firefox on Windows, even though Firefox on Windows vs Mac probably runs identically. That’s just stupid.. I’m surprised they didn’t say “We recommend running Parallels or a virtual machine on a mac to run IE7”