Web Browsers Flame War. Wanna Join?

By | August 19, 2007

Just kidding, don’t do that.

There’s an interesting thread (Have Firefox pre-installed as default browser) posted.

I haven’t read it all, just 1 out of 50 comments or so and found that it’s just another flame war (or will be the one soon).

There’s even a comment from Daniel Goldman (Opera Software).

I’m sure we (I work for Opera Software) could work some revenue sharing plan with Dell. Part of our revenue from the desktop browser comes from Google.

Any other companies wanna join too and try to get their stake from Dell? Everyone is just talking about how good or bad their favorite browser is.

One more interesting comment by sazar

There are other options besides Firefox, why promote one over the others? This will simply create a browser monopoly of sorts with Firefox. IE comes bundled with the OS and allows people to get online for the first time, this shouldn’t be a handicap. If the user is savvy enough, they will be able to download the browser by themselves.

I agree.

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  1. Brian says:

    Happy to join with Slickscreen … a multi-paneled browser, that uses the IE engine, that is geared towards high resolution displays.

    Thanks -Brian

  2. IceArdor says:

    Computers already come preinstalled with plenty of crap. It now takes a full day to uninstall all the extra preinstalled programs that slow down the computer–adding more software to that mess is bad.

    Wouldn’t it go against the Firefox philosophy to preinstall? Firefox believes in making a lightweight browser that can easily download extensions to extend its functionality. If Firefox truly believes in that philosophy, then having an OS that is lightweight and can easily be extended by downloading and installing programs would be essential.

    For anyone who wants a choice, all they need to do is go to Wikipedia and look at the Comparison of X page and then choose a browser, media player, IM client, word processing suite, etc.

    I am against pre-installing of any software besides the pure OS, even though I love Opera. It just wouldn’t be fair for me to say “Opera and Firefox are good browsers; pre-install them.” Because that’s neglecting Avant, Maxthon, Safari, and so many more. If you include multiple browsers, you ought to include them all–and no one wants their 40 GB hard drive with their new computer to be filled with programs. No one wants to have to uninstall a bunch of software from their computer in order to make it usable. Seriously. It just isn’t fair to other web browser vendors to include Firefox. It isn’t fair to other software vendors to include Firefox. Because pretty soon, every fanboy will be asking for their software to be preinstalled.

    The only thing I see could happen is to have a dell help page that recommends software that will work on your computer. It would give a list of browsers, media players, etc. But it wouldn’t have them preinstalled or downloaded.