Video: Spartan On Windows 10! Coming This Month

By | March 3, 2015

Video: Spartan On Windows 10!Now this is cool.

Despite not being available for public yet, it looks like we (finally) got a video of Spartan running on Windows 10 Preview and it does look promising.

If you don’t feel like watching a video, it covers Cortana integration and this is what It can do:

– If you type “weather” in the address bar it will instantly give you weather data without loading a new page or anything, which is really useful.
– You can mark text on the web page and get more details about the term/place or anything by right clicking on it. For example: right clicking on a word “Banana” should give you its calories count and other nutritional info.
– When visiting a popular place, Cortana will automatically offer you directions to that specific location other details.

Overall, it looks pretty much like any other Chrome clone out there. On a side note, it is said to be coming later this month to the Windows 10 users.

Stay tuned.

[Via: WinBeta]

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  1. Victor says:

    that looks pretty amazing !

  2. tiagos says:

    I like the square tabs, but the line-thin icons and buttons are absolutely hideous. Microsoft’s design department should be fired.

    With a cannon.

    Into space.

  3. Emanuele says:

    This is not my kind of browser… I still wait for a good Opera (Presto) replacement (customization, features, etc)…

    BUT… considering the actual scenario, in which the main browser is something pathetic like Chrome (heavy, slow, featureless, no customization at all, you’ve to install lot of very limited extensions, etc) and all alternatives follow its path since now the average user is a limited monkey that just want to surf Facebook and some other few sites without any other needs, I can say that Spartan looks like the best browser for this average user so far …. It seems very fast, reactive, does all user needs and offers lot of awesome goodies that simplify its life without effort

    so well done MS, you’ve done right (not the awful tentative made by Opera 15+ trying to catch the same kind of users)

    • Maxim says:

      Vivaldi should do this for you. Good luck waiting, however. Will probably take years before Vivaldi has all the features and is actually usable.

      I am actually very happy with current Opera. Opera 29 will have all features that I want, finally.

      • Emanuele says:

        nope… Vivaldi is only a shadow of what Opera was (only one word: customization)

        Maybe Otter will be a good replacement…

        About Opera 29 features…. an awesome Speed dial and what else? seriously … It’s a speed dial (the best available out there) with nothing around it XD

        • Maxim says:

          > nope… Vivaldi is only a shadow of what Opera was (only one word: customization)
          Maybe it is at the moment. But judging by their recent poll: Vivaldi will be receiving a lot of old Opera features.

          As for Opera 29, speed dial, what? I have no idea what exactly you mean by speed dial but I don’t even use it. I use bookmarks instead of speed dial as start page.

          Opera 29 will add syncing which I have been waiting for 2 years now. Also, “Activity” which allows to see/use all opened tabs across all platforms. Other two smaller features are centered images and sound on tabs. I have been waiting for all of these forever.

          Once Opera 29 is out it will be easily the best browser out there. At least in my opinion.