Video: Internet Explorer, A Break From The Past

By | February 26, 2015

Video: Internet Explorer, A Break From The PastIn a newly published post, the IE Team has revealed the steps they took to modernize its rendering engine (aka split it from the original Trident).

That‘s why Spartan is said to be more compatible than IE has ever been, especially due to a new web approach. Instead of analyzing the top 9000 sites that are responsible for around 88% of all web traffic (like Microsoft did in the past), they actually got to the root cause of compatibility issues and looked for patterns of trillions of urls instead.

The software giant has also revealed that they have fixed more than 3000 interoperability bugs and have added just over 40 new Web standards, all thanks to the „revised our internal engineering processes to prioritize real-world interoperability issues“.

For a complete picture, head over to the IEBlog or check the video above.

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