User Friendly Internet Explorer

By | July 16, 2009

Spending millions of dollars, Microsoft came up with a new version of Internet Explorer (not really):

Friendly IE
Picture Source: DeadDog

Thanks to mabdul for sending this.


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  1. Rafael says:

    I was thinking on it today…
    We can’t download a browser for the new Windows 7 because it will not have a browser. =O
    We will have to get it from a pen drive, that’s bad.

    … Really I still IE dependent, some websites only works on it! :(

    • YoUrSbAdDaY says:

      Well actually i think it will let you chose what browser you want to install or something like that.
      (not like in that picture:))

  2. this guy says:

    lol. Thats about all I do with Internet Explorer. Now if they made IE 9 better than Firefox or Chrome, then perhaps I might consider using it. But until then…

  3. blaze says:

    You dont need a browser to connect to and download from the net. Maybe they can implement something like apt-get in debian and ubuntu. Actually I think IE8 is a decent effort. Maybe IE9 might catch up even more.

  4. Transcontinental says:

    EI’m very happy to have pre-ordered a Windows 7E, that is with *no* IE. There is not the slightest problem having your alternative browser installer on a whatever DVD or pen-drive, is there.
    Gosh, IE out of my way, makes me happy just thinking about it. And this is no hate, no demagogy, not stupid anti-Microsoft attitude. I have loved the XP OS, and I will love the Seven, but IE has just always been a source of insecurity, of problems ( How is the newbie who can possibly know what he’s doing with the circus of IE options? ), and of intrusion (IE is not my default browser, yet some apps still get browsed with it!).
    Life without IE, mama mia, what a relief it will be :)