US Schools To Receive 27 000 Chromebooks

By | January 26, 2012

US Schools To Receive 27 000 ChromebooksDuring the FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) keynote, Rajen Sheth, Google’s Group Product Manager for Chromebooks, has announced a new deal, which would bring nearly 27 000 Chromebooks to the US schools.

Where are they headed?

According to the search giant, all of them will be delivered to the Iowa, Illinois and South Carolina states. Furthermore, as Google focuses on specific schools, pretty much every student will receive one.

Chromebooks make our 1-to-1 computing dream a reality. Teachers don’t need to add ‘help desk’ to their job description, and they save valuable class time knowing they can instruct students to close the Chromebooks to stay on task and they won’t have to wait when it’s time to open them again. Furthermore, we’ve seen that any behavior issues become an absolute non-issue because the technology is so compelling.

So, in case you want to receive a brand new Chromebook, just head over to one of these schools and pretend to be a student, even if you are a 40 year old man.

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    No point if the kids don’t have a Google account (at least Google+ is now open to 13 year olds so that should give them something to do).

  2. says:

    Heh-heh… a Google-Spy-On-U-Book…

  3. Saex Conroy says:

    such an irony

  4. Tiago Sá says:

    For once Portugal is ahead of the states on something.

    We did that here three or four years ago (and our population is 25 times smaller, and we gave away that many notebooks).

  5. Mikah says:

    Chromebooks = underpowered overpriced failure’s with poor sale figures.

    I like the idea though with better hardware & the internet always getting faster at some point I think they will take off.

  6. Agazicho says:

    No comment

  7. Anon says:

    The sad part is how desperate they are because of poor sales. Nobody wants an overpriced version of a netbook where you can only run one program — chrome.