UC Browser Comes To Windows

By | April 9, 2015

UC Browser Comes To WindowsFrom mobile to desktop.

It looks like the success of UC Browser on handheld devices has allowed developers to invest and create the desktop version of the very same browser as well.

Available for Windows, it comes in two flavors: Global and Indian and features many of the features that you would expect: Cloud Sync, Speed Dial, Themes and so on. And yes, it’s another Chromium web browser.

On a downside, the install is pretty sneaky as the advanced options icon is sort of hidden, not to mention “Set as default browser” option, which is set by default and tries to trick you when you open UC Browser for the very first time with this:

UC Browser Comes To Windows

Yes, the “No” button is missing and you will have to hit X instead.

Overall, we are not fans of such techniques.

UC Browser

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  1. Šime Vidas says:

    I’m assuming UC’s various mobile browsers use different browser engines (depending on which platform they’re on) and this desktop browser is just another item in their diverse palette.

  2. Jo Reven says:

    What’s with the dog?