Twitter To Halt Internet Explorer 6 & 7 Support

By | April 22, 2013

Twitter To Halt Internet Explorer 6 & 7 SupportMay 13th is the day.

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, then IE6 or IE7 are not exactly your browsers of choice. However, in case you are using Twitter and Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (shame on you), then we have some bad news to tell.

Starting from next month, TFW (Twitter for Websites) widgets-js library will no longer initialize the Follow button, Tweet button, embedded Tweets and timelines on Internet Explorer 6. In addition to that, Web Intents Events will stop supporting both IE6 and IE7 while factory functions for the creation of widgets are going to return false to any callback made by Internet Explorer 6.

The good news? Widgets will still be rendered on IE7 although the clock is ticking fast and it’s just a matter of time before it too is dropped. So what can you? Upgrade the web browser, it’s that simple, Watson.

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  1. MacroPheliac says:

    A tear shed for those still using IE.