Trojan for Firefox

By | December 5, 2008

BitDefender has identified this new bit of holiday cheer as Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A.”

The trojan installs itself into Firefox’s add-on directory, registers itself as Greasemonkey, and begins searching your hard drive for passwords, login details, your World of WarCraft account information, and your library card number.

Once installed, the trojan is capable of identifying over 100 web sites. When an infected user visits a site the trojan recognizes, the parasite comes to life and records the login/password details being transmitted. Presumably it then goes back to sleep, quietly keeping an eye on further system activity.

For more details, check original post by ArsTechnica.


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  1. Foo says:

    So basically, the ways to be infected is to either download the extension from some random website or by installing malicious software which in turn puts the add-on in your Firefox profile…
    I’m only surprised that people still cannot learn to not just go around and install everything they see… the rest is old information (exceot for the fact that someone actually built a spyware add-on…).

  2. nobody says:

    there were many malicious add-ons to Firefox already, mostly ‘calling home’ type ones. they are not widespread, because mozilla found a way of preventing casual users downloading these at will (and add-ons on mozilla pages are checked and safe).

    however this should not be used as an argument against extensions, it should be used as an argument for educating people and increasing clarity of add-on interface for casuals. so you cant install anything without at least reading short but to the point warning.

    ps. this opera spellchecker is a new quality in using opera. shame that it took so long.