Top 10 Most Requested / Missing Microsoft Edge Features

By | November 27, 2015

Top 10 Most Requested / Missing Microsoft Edge FeaturesHopefully, Microsoft will deliver.

Yes, Microsoft Edge is still in early stages of development, at least as far as usability features go and with the extensions support coming early next year, guys at WC have decided to compile a list of some of the most requested features that should be implemented in the next builds, hopefully.

And in case you are not using Edge, this feature request list should give you an idea, whether or not the browser is for you:

– Sync open tabs across devices
– Closed tab history
– Microsoft Edge taskbar menu options

Right click on the Edge taskbar and the menu is pretty empty, o the same on Firefox or Chrome and you will see all kinds of options, from quick access to new tab options.

– Pin tabs to Taskbar on Edge
– Multiple user profiles
– New settings page

The current one is a huge mess, that is all.

– Touch friendly browser

Yes, it lacks even the most basic swipe from right to left and similar gestures.

– Mute tabs option
– Automatic web page translation

And here you have it, folks.

[Via: WC]

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  1. LAMBDA471 says:

    At this point IE has more features than Edge. The only good thing about Edge is the UI and tabs reaching the top edge of the screen.