Top 10 Funniest Comments From The .bro File Type Thread

By | October 13, 2015

Top 10 Funniest Comments From The .bro File Type ThreadIn case you missed, Google and Mozilla have decided to rename the .bro extension to .br because a feminist told me so. Below, you will find some of the best comments from the reddit thread.

Well i’m glad they finally addressed one of the biggest issues with Firefox. Now it’s perfect !

Also Br is Bromine in the periodic table, so they’ve solved nothing – they’ve just hidden this massive injustice and furthered the disgusting patriarchal abuses in the tech industry by hiding them in plain sight. I’m now even more outraged!

A Brazilian ruined my Dota 2 game. This new file type triggers me.

At least they dont start campaign to get rid of variable name cnt which is obviously count, but might suggest a reference to female genitalia. Not pointing fingers here but OpenSSL is using it!!!1!!one!

You can tell how important a kind of activism is by seriousness of the issues it tries to address.

Browser should now be Brwser because it contains the word ‘Bro’.
We should change the name Firefox to Firefox because the term “fox” can be use to sexually harass womyn.
Thunderbird (Mozilla’s email client) also needs to be renamed because “bird” is an offensive term used to describe womyn.
The Document Object model (AKA DOM) needs to be renamed as DOM is used by the dominant patriarchy to sexually oppress womyn.

Your reasoning would have been correct, IF it had not been for the fact that it does not matter what you do, SOME ONE will ALWAYS be offended. Your usage of Enlogen offends me, so now you have to change your nick. Do you STILL consider it to be a reasonable position to change because someone takes offense?

Nobody tell them about master and slave drives…

It’s a good thing the Internet was built 40-50 years ago, it would have failed in this day and age. No software could have been built because overly sensitive PC/SJW types couldn’t have gotten past basic utilities like ‘man’ or ‘tar’ which would have halted all development as it was mired in endless debate.

Let’s change all file extensions to .socjus. No file should feel different than any other. #ExtensionEquality

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