To Web Developers: How to Get Rid of IE6

By | March 23, 2009

How to get rid of IE6Although a new version of Internet Explorer has been launched few days ago, many people are still unaware of it and keep using IE6. As a result, web developers are forced to use specific (IE only) stylesheets and hacks.

Staringispolite, a twitter user has created a Google code project called sevenup. Its code (1KB only) displays an informative message to IE6 users asking them to upgrade.

The following movement was originally started by Google and Norway, and as staringispolite said: My general hatred for that browser we all know so, so well”.

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  1. Chuck Monroe says:

    Here’s a more sophisticated alternative, which I hope will gain momentum:

  2. staringispolite says:

    Thanks for the feature!

    Follow me on twitter to be the first to know when the new version drops (later this week)

    I can’t wait – Biggest update will be support for user-created themes. No need to stick to my cover-all default message! The theme support will include changing the download link, the contents of the box, or creating a whole new popup entirely.

    A couple people have already submitted themes, so I’m really looking forward to it.