Tips: Disable Firefox’s Telemetry Data

By | April 26, 2013

Tips: Disable Firefox's Telemetry DataIf you are concerned about your privacy after reading Mozilla’s statements, here is a simple tip to disable all telemetry data collecting. Go to:

Settings > Advanced
Click on the “Data Choices” tab
Uncheck the “Enable Telemetry” box

That’s it, as simple as that.

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  1. Кostadin says:

    Telemetry disabled by default for me. Maybe because I didn’t want to contribute to Mozilla Firefox after I installed it.

  2. Spencer M. says:

    for me I went to
    Tools > Options > Advanced > Data Choices > unclicked Enable Telemetry

  3. Jc says:

    Just because they might share the usage stats that doesnt mean it is not anonymous.


    1-without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or
    the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.

    2.Of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.

    and for me the telemetry is turned off by default.

  4. Przemysław Lib says:

    Go to about:telemetry to see what Firefox will send in Telemetry. Nothing personal there. And for sure nothing that identify me as me.